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Top 10 Download Managers for Mac that are worth your time
  1. 4 Best Download Managers for Mac You Should Use
  2. Top 14 alternatives to Internet Download Manager for Mac
  3. Key Details of MacX YouTube Downloader
  4. 10 Best Download Manager for Mac [Free Downloaders]

Two reasons why this is the best is first it works well as a web-based download manager; second it is also a good torrent downloader.

You can even search for torrent websites through the Pro version of the app. You can prioritize your downloads, so you can make sure the ones you need most gets downloaded first.

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To help with prioritizing you can also control the download speed of each individual download. Another powerful feature of this download manager is its browser integration. Folx works with a handful of well-known browsers such as Safari, Firefox, Opera and Chrome seamlessly and efficiently.

4 Best Download Managers for Mac You Should Use

There is no need for you to copy and paste you download links, just download directly from your browser of choice and Folx will do the rest. Sometimes when we are simultaneously downloading and browsing on the computer we will get lags or would need to choose which comes first. Now you can adjust the download speed so your browsing experience will not be negatively impacted. Aside for all features mentioned above, it has everything else that a download manager should have like scheduling download tasks, tag downloaded content and resuming downloads.

It can split files into several segments so it makes the download speed faster. With segmented files, it can easily resume broken downloads. It also monitors your clipboard so that links will be pasted automatically to the downloading window.

Top 14 alternatives to Internet Download Manager for Mac

Lastly, iGetter has advance settings like changing the user agent or setting up a proxy. Overall, iGetter does almost everything Folx can. It has the essentials of a download manager and also advanced features you can play around with. Progressive downloader has some of the features of the two heavy-weights above.

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You can schedule and resume your downloads in a very clean and simple user interface. It also runs well on most well-known browsers like Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Opera while monitoring your clipboard for download links.

Key Details of MacX YouTube Downloader

It lets you save power by shutting down your Mac after downloading everything you need. A feature which limits the downloading speeds individually is also available.

Increase your download speed and resume broken downloads

Progressive downloader has the basic essentials of a download manager. Choosing the mirrors panel will give you opportunity to search and add server mirrors found in the FileAvenue. To search for mirrors just push the"Search" button and iGetter will show you all the possible server mirrors for download. You can manually choose the appropriate location to the file. In the mirrors table you will see the server location, file size and if it is a HTTP location the file date.

10 Best Download Manager for Mac [Free Downloaders]

You can check only those URL's that you desire to be included in the downloading process. If you choose all the server locations iGetter automatically will associate mirror URL's to the segments beginning from the first mirror in the table. With this useful function you can schedule your files to download at low traffic periods. You may specify the time and exact date or days of the week, when you want iGetter to begin downloading the queue.

You can use a countdown clock or exact time at which iGetter will stop automatic downloading.

How to install Internet Download Manager IDM on Mac 2018

Site Explorer allows exploration of the entire web or FTP sites , so you can easily find and download files you're interested in. When you reach the file that you want to download double click on it or choose the contextual menu function "Add to queue" and it will appear in the queue for download. If you want to cancel the processing just push the "Pause" button on the Toolbar.

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Site Explorer analyzes HTML pages for all available links even looking in the JavaScript functions, so it will show a complete list of web page contents. Some of iGetter's key features: Managing Downloads iGetter allows you to resume downloads.