How to block facebook website on mac

  1. How to block Facebook on a Mac or Windows computer
  2. Step 2: Add Facebook to your Blocklist

Just follow these three steps and Freedom will keep you off Facebook so you can be more productive. To start, just download and install the Freedom app. If you don't already have an account, just create one at Freedom.

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  • Step 1: Download and Install the Freedom App.
  • A free Mac application to help you avoid distracting websites.!

Log into the Freedom website https: You can start a block from our web dashboard, or by clicking "Start a session" in our application. Once your block is running, you won't be able to access Facebook until your session is complete!

How to block Facebook on a Mac or Windows computer

Freedom can help you achieve your productivity goals - did you know: All of the methods listed in this article are free and carry little risk of screwing up your computer, so read on to find out how to yank that annoying site once and for all! The easiest and most simple way to block FaceBook on your Mac is to utilize the parental controls that are built into OSX. Click the lock button and type in the admin password.

Managed Accounts

Click on an account from the left-hand list and a bunch of options should come up on the right-hand side of the window. Up the top of the window there should be several tabs. The window should now look something like this: The reason why you have to enter all four of those URLs when you only want to block facebook.

Step 2: Add Facebook to your Blocklist

When someone on that account tries to go to facebook. So follow the steps below to block FaceBook from appearing in Google search results in Chrome.

  1. Freedom | How to block Facebook on a Mac or Windows computer.
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  3. Configure Parental Controls!
  4. Click on it. It allows you to block a specific website or websites for a specific amount of time — so if you want to work on a project for two hours without being able to access FaceBook, for example, you can open up the SelfControl app, set the timer for two hours and you will not be able to access the site on your Mac for those two hours.